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FIRST rule at AnimeSub we do not Copy or Disturbed ANYTHINGEverything is SHARED!

WHY you ask? Well that’s easy, its because SHARING IS CARING so share us to all your friends and family!

About Us

Anime(Sub or AniSub) short for Anime Download we are one of the best places to download anime!

At AnimeSub we have a vast variety of anime, all of which you can batch download and including ongoing anime! Most of our480p anime unusually look good on both desktop and hand-held devices. But 480p looks best on a 15 inch screen and below, so basically it looks nice on the average laptop screen and hand-held devices.

AnimeSub strives to provide anime to all those without/slow internet so everyone will be able to enjoy the anime community as much as possible!

REMEMBER at AnimeSub.in is where YOU can BATCH DOWNLOAD and stream anime so Comment! Share us! Follow us!


Why Download From AnimeSub.in?

IT’S because we’re one of the best places out there! Variety, good quality and most importantly Easy and EFFORT-LESS when downloading anime, BUT of course, it’s all thanks our awesome team! 🙂


Best Anime Player?

What we Recommend for PC

1. MPC-HC for downloaded anime – more compatible for anime from AnimeSub.

2. VLC for streaming anime off MEGA – faster streaming (Premium users only).

What I Recommend for Devices

1. MX Player or MX Player Pro for watching downloaded anime.

2. VLC for streaming anime off MEGA (Premium users only).

What is Dual Audio? What is BD?

DUAL Audio anime is very popular since it contains both English and Japanese audio! So if you love dubbed and don’t mind subbed, dual audio is the best, and everyone’s happy!

BD is Blu-Ray rip so the encoded quality is usually pretty good to watch and sometimes better quality then DVD rip.

How to Switch Tracks what Tracks?

IN dual audio video files when you open them up with MPC-HC and VLC just right click and hover over something saying “Audio” and “Subtitle”. There will be two tracks, one English, the Japanese, same with the subtitles. Select the one you want and enjoy watching!


DOWNLOAD/Stream off PC


DOWNLOAD/Stream off Device

BATCH Download Software for PC


BATCH Download Software for Android

BATCH Downloading Software for IOS

CURRENTLY there isn’t one. Use MEGA Sync for IOS

IF you’ve found a batch downloading app for MEGA contact us or comment below



How To Stream MEGA Off PC

1. Download and install MEGA Sync.

2. Login into MEGA on both the app and the browser.

3. Import the anime you want to stream in the browser.

4. Go into the app click on the “Setting Icon a Cog” and select “Stream from MEGA”.

5. A new window will pop up, click “Cloud Drive” then select the episode you want to watch and click “OK”.

6. You can either play the episode with your default player or choose a player. I recommend using VLC.

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