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Ben 10 Classic – Reboot + Extras


For Bet 10 fans


This includes:

-Ben 10 Classic S1-4 + Secret of The Omnitrix,Race Against Time,Destroy all aliens+Shorts

(Race against time is episode 10.5 in Season 4,Secret Of the Omnitrix is episode 11 in Season 4 and Destroy all Aliens is ep 12 in Season 4 and the shorts are in their own folder)

-Ben 10 Alien Force S1-3+Alien Swarm

(Alien Swarm is episode 10.5 in Season 3)

-Ben 10 Ultimate Alien S1-3+Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United

(Heroes United is episode 9.5 in Season 3)

-Ben 10 Omniverse S1-8

(Seasons 1-2 are in “Season1″Seasons 2-4 are in “Season 2” Season 5 is in “Season 3” Seasons 6-8 are in Season 4. Also the episodes are in production Order)

Ben 10 Reboot S1-3


3.The Reason That Destroy all aliens is Ep 13 is because it’s the continuation of the series and is btw canon

4.Destroy All Aliens has two Languages so you have to set them to English.The other one is persian.

5.Episodes that are not in 1080p:

All the Shorts(480p or 720p)

Destroy All Aliens (720p)

Sorry couldn’t find a better quality for them but it’s better than nothing

6.Classic and Alien Force have subtitles synced and are already in the files.Ultimate Alien doensn’t have subtitles that match with the 1080p Version.Omniverse’s Subtitiles are in the folder that you have to download.Season 3 and 4 have subtitles in them but they’re not that good so I found other ones and synced them.

Video Quality
  • Eng Sub/Eng Subbed

  • 10bit English (Audio)

  • Mixed

  • Mega

How do download the anime series?


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Albertus van Vuuren

can you please re-upload the link.




I want to watch it but the folder isn’t there

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